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Brazabra offers convenience, fashion for women

LEE, Mass.—SUPPORTABLES, a division of Brazabra Corp. (Braza) has recently introduced COLOR ME COOL, a new concept in hair extensions. “This product could revolutionize the way women think about and use hair extensions, especially if they want to make a unique fashion statement,” says Ted Davis, Braza founder and CEO.

The patent-pending product employs plastic needles to allow the user to easily “weave” the colorful extensions directly into braids, buns, ponytails, and create a waterfall effect without the need to bleach and dye the hair, Davis explains. The extensions are available in eight fashion shades as well as black and brown.

“It’s a fun product for girls and women of any age,” he observes. “It’s even possible to easily weave multiple colors into any hair style to match an outfit or promote school colors.”

COLOR ME COOL is also cost-effective for consumers. “At a very affordable price point the product can be used over and over,” says Davis. “Purchasing multiple colors is an advantage over expensive hair dye, and the effects this product creates are impossible with anything else on the market.

Davis says the idea for the breakthrough line came about when he saw young girls and women dying small areas of their hair into bright fashionable colors. “Some were using extensions with combs or clips on them, but it’s not possible to actually weave those products into a braid, bun or other hair styles. Further, loose hair extensions are cumbersome and time consuming to apply.”

Supportables is the Mass Market division of Braza, which has been in business since 1985. The company’s products are carried by two major drug chains, with a third to be added in the spring of 2018. Domestically, 4,000 independent U.S. retailers carry Braza SKUs, and the products are also sold in 28 countries. Braza also produces a full range of problem solving fashion solutions for women.

The company, which changed an industry, was launched in 1985 in a 300-sq.-foot office in New York City’s Garment District. “Our first product, the stick on bra, would forever change the way women purchased backless, strapless clothing,” recalls Davis. “That first product became the precursor to the billion dollar lingerie accessory industry.”

In 1993, with the need for more space, Braza relocated to the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts. In 1995, continued growth spurred the company to break ground on a state-of-the art building that currently houses Braza’s administration team, sales, product development and graphics staff as well as its warehouse and world-class shipping and distribution center.

“Supplying the highest quality, fair value products that ‘perform as promised’ serves to reinforce our ties with consumers,” notes Davis. “But, significantly, it also enhances consumers’ opinion of the retailers that carry the Braza product line.”

Braza’s commitment to continual innovation enables the company to maintain its position as an industry leader, providing products that deliver comfort, confidence and a carefree positive dressing experience for every woman.

Davis says the company’s goal is “to always be on the cutting edge of fashion and technology in developing new functional, problem solving products that retailers welcome and consumers expect. Braza will always be synonymous with unique quality products for the consumer.”

Brazabra Corp.

8 Run Way

Lee, MA 01238

Phone: (413) 243-4690


Primary Business:


Fashion solution products    

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