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COLOR ME COOL -Patent Pending
The first hair extensions with user safe plastic pins in the ends.

The pins allow the user to actually weave the extension into the hair for many interesting and unusual effects.

Other extensions have a clip on one end so the use is limited to hanging the extensions. COLOR me COOL have our exclusive plastic pins on both ends allowing for many creative looks.

Because they are pin-shape, they can be woven temporarily into the hair, something that other extensions can not do.

The extensions come in many fashionable shades from light grey to hot pink and can be used alone or combined in many ways for hundreds of different looks.


LITTLE GIRLS:  Mothers of young girls do not want their children to play around with bleach or dye so they now have a great alternative, Now little girls can select a color or colors of their choice and have them woven into their hair for the day.


YOUNG WOMEN: Not willing to make he commitment to bleach and dye their hair, COLOR me COOL is the perfect alternative. A pristine look at school or work and ‘another you’ stepping out at night! And each night it can be a different combination of color, woven into a different hair style.

Use a single color or twist a few colors together and weave into your bun, braid or other hair styles.  Cut one end off and secure the needle end in your hair and let the strands of any color hang down over your cheek or eye for a fashionable ‘shock of color’ bohemian or punk look.


PUNK: You guessed it. COLOR me COOL is perfect to add a shock of purple or magenta to black hair - and for black or brown hair, add a shock of grey or blue.

Quantity: 1 piece
Material: Synthetic



PACKAGE SIZE: L-5” X W-2.5” X D-0.25”



Color Me Cool - Hair Extensions

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