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Wedding Fashion Essentials for 2018

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. On this special day you or your customers will be wearing a beautiful wedding dress however sometimes these dresses can be a little difficult to wear, especially what to wear underneath them can be a struggle. has some amazing bra and fashion products to make wearing your wedding dress a more comfortable and easy process.

The following products will help you when wearing all kinds of backless and strapless Wedding Gowns.

This is one of our most popular bras and is one of the most dependable strapless and backless underwire adhesive bra available today.Oversized silicone adhesive side tabs allow for secure, reliable and comfortable backless, strapless support.

Can be used up to 50 times.

Introduced over 33 years ago and over 50 million sold, this is the original adhesive backless, strapless disposable bra.

Wear it with your backless, strapless, low cut Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses.

Quantity: 3 pair per package

Made in the U.S.A.

Everyone loves the Cleavage Pal! It is a must-have in any woman’s lingerie drawer. The Supportables Cleavage Pal instantly creates lift, fullness, and cleavage. All you have to do is simply tighten the laces and you are good to go. The silicone adhesive enables you to wear this bra 50 times or more and stays in place securely day and night.

Available in beige and comes in sizes A through D.

Create natural shaping and reliable support with the 5 way strapless advantage. The Supportables Reveal Cleavage adjustable bra cups are thin, comfortable and unnoticeable under tight tops.

Can be used 50 times.

Perhaps you want to look a little bustier than you actually are on your wedding day. The Add-A-Size silicone magic adds an entire cup size to your current autonomy. This will help you perfectly fill out your dress and look stunning as you walk down the aisle. These fit comfortably into most bras and will create fullness, shape, lift, enhancement, and cleavage.

Prevent sliding and drifting of dresses with the classic Supportables Flash Tape. This tape is perfect for brides because it can be used to secure plunging necklines, open sided dresses and even keep jewelry in place! Plus, the dispenser style allows you to choose the size of each piece of double-sided tape.

The Bridesmaid Essentials is a perfect and practical little kit for you to head off any pesky fashion emergency that could happen to you on your special day. It's also a great gift idea for the bridal party.

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