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Petal Top Perfection

Nipple covers are a must-have in any woman’s closet. Whether you want to go braless while wearing a shirt made of thin fabric or perhaps your bra just happens to be quite thin, you do not want to have to deal with the dreaded show-through. The following are different types of nipple covers that are ideal for any situation or breast type. Petal Tops – Reusable Nipple Covers The reusable petal tops are a simple product everyone needs. These are “flat” nipple covers and are thin enough to be basically invisible. These stretch to mold breast shape. Each pair can be used up to 10 times or more.

Petal Tops – Disposable Nipple Covers Disposable nipple covers are made from a knitted material that stretches and conforms to the breast shape so there are no wrinkles or tell tale edges to show through clothing. They are safe, comfortable and reliable.

Silicone Petal Tops The Silicone Petal Tops are soft and pillow like nipple covers. They are the ultimate in masking unwanted definition. These can be used 30 times or more and come in a convenient travel tray. Available in beige and cocoa.

No Adhesive Silicone Top Nipple Covers The No Adhesive Silicone Top Nipple Covers are round silicone gel petals with paper thin edges. Body heat activates just the right amount of tack to keep petals comfortably in place without adhesive. These are reusable, just wash and reused them over and over. Compact storage case included. These are 3” inches in diameter and come in beige, taupe, or brown to match all skin types.

Never let the fear of embarrassing show through hold you back from wearing thin clothing or rocking a skimpy bra. We have you covered, literally.

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